Positively San Tan Valley: Episode I: 12/25/2017

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Merry Christmas San Tan Valley!

Merry Christmas San Tan Valley!  This is the inaugural episode of Positively San Tan Valley, where each session we highlight something that’s great going on locally – thank you for listening!  We have been inspired by our friends at the San Tan Times who published a letter this week from a local resident who is annoyed and angry with how things are going in San Tan Valley.  It’s true that there are always lots of problems to address: traffic, transit, schools, utilities, services, jobs, etc., and our area is a growing one, in the full throes of “growing pains,” but it’s also true that if there’s one thing that our area – and our country – desperately needs, it’s a positive voice!  Watching the news, listening to political pundits, reading the papers, one would think that everything is going poorly but there’s so much to be grateful for and so many people to give a shout out of kudos to for their hard work and dedication that I’d like to dedicate this podcast to what’s great in San Tan Valley and highlight something positive that’s going on that we ought to be aware of and encourage among our neighbors and friends.

This week I’d like to give a shout out to the local Boy Scouts.  My pastor informed me this week that our local troop had its first Eagle Scout this month!  This is big news for an area where our growth is such that everything is new and such organizations have to chart their own course, including setting up organizations and finding volunteers from scratch.  In other areas well-established groups and structures are already in place, but achieving an equal level here in San Tan Valley means setting up the structures, finding the volunteers, organizing necessary events, and having the creativity and gumption to persevere. Young men like this are trailblazers and deserve recognition and credit for stepping up to the plate and succeeding where none have gone before them.

What’s more, scouts like this don’t merely do a project to qualify and then fade into the background!  This past weekend, December 16th, local Eagle Scouts installed signage along four major roadways entering our area as a community beautification project.  No doubt we all remember the old, dilapidated signs that dated from nearly ten years ago?  These new signs, developed by the San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce, have reflective paint and a beatiful design featuring a saguaro cactus and a silhouette of our own, unique, San Tan Mountain Range, marking the entry points to the area.  The project required more than just muscle work.  Collaboration with the non-profit San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce, and with county inspectors was required.  Volunteers included (read list of names).  To Quote the San Tan Times, “this project would not have happened if it were not for the effort of these kind, hard working individulals that took time out from their week picking up the materials, working with county inspectors, and installing the signs.”

So here’s a big “job well done!” to our local Eagle Scouts and The San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce!