Welcome to Positively San Tan Valley, home to what’s great! in San Tan Valley!  Each session we highlight something that’s great going on locally – thank you for visiting!  Although it’s true that our area is a growing one, in the full throes of “growing pains,” and there are always problems to address, such as traffic, transit, schools, utilities, services, jobs, etc., it’s also true that our area is home to extraordinary men and women (and children!) who are out and about, making a positive impact through their community spirit and civic-mindedness!     

Our area (and our country in general!) is in desperate need of a positive voice.  Watching the news, listening to political pundits, reading the papers, one would think that everything is going poorly, but there’s so much to be grateful for and so many people to give a shout out of kudos to for their hard work and dedication locally!  This podcast is dedicated to what’s great in San Tan Valley, and to the exceptional people who live and work here.  Each session we highlight something positive that’s going on that we all ought to be aware of and encourage among our neighbors and friends. 

So thank you for listening, and please feel free to reach out to us with stories and people of your own who deserve to be commended for doing something great, and don’t forget to encourage and congratulate those you may meet doing great things, and share with them the podcast!

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Positively San Tan Valley: Episode I: 12/25/2017
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Merry Christmas San Tan Valley! Merry Christmas San Tan Valley!  This is the inaugural episode of Positively San Tan Valley, where each session we highlight something that’s great going on locally – thank you for listening!  We have been inspired by our friends at the San Tan Times who published … Read More